Entry #3:

A few days have gone by now.  Beans are long gone and I’m on my last candy bar. It hasn’t been too hot outside but the smell is everywhere.  The smell of death….walking death.  With all of the zombie apocalypse movies and books you would think that more people would have survived the initial outbreak but I guess it took them all by surprise.  Seeing or reading it is one thing but let me tell you, it was crazy when it happened and it was so fast.  You never realize how many people are around until panic kicks in.  People make the stupidest decisions when they are in a panic.  It’s like their brain shuts off and no logic is left.  Like pushing a door that need to be pulled open, per the sign on the door by the handle, right up until the point they are attached from behind.  Stupid people.  The bad part is that their bad decision or lack of thinking just makes it harder for me to survive.  There’s no win for me when living people are taken down. 


I keep trying to compare what I’m seeing to books I have read or movies I’ve seen.  Not quite sure about everything yet. I should write down what I know from Hollywood and then compare that with what’s happening here.  I’ll have some firsthand knowledge soon. I’m going to head over to a neighbor’s house for some food.  With these walkers scattered all over the place, street, yards, parked cars, inside homes, I don’t dare go too far.  But how much longer can I last here… I’ll think better on a full stomach.  Heading out in an hour or so.

Entry #2:

Back safe at last in hiding. The house that I’m hiding out in seems to be secure around the parameter. The window that I climb through above the kitchen counter has a busted lock but I think it too high up and too…complicated for them to open, even though it just slides up to open. Today I went out to get some food, I was SO hungry.  Had some close calls but used my short ax to escape. Wouldn’t have made it out had I not been prepared. I still remember a few months ago, before all of this, being out at the bar and telling my buddies that I ordered zombie survival gear from ZombieSurvivalist.net.  “Zombies…you’re so random.” But look at me now, still alive! Not sure I can say the same for them or not.  I headed out today and was able to get into a small corner store and grab what was left of some food.  Canned green beans and some candy bars.  Not what I was hoping for but it will do.  The corner store had a dump truck sticking out the side of the brick wall leaving a gaping hole in the side.  It was easy pickings for everyone who could get there first.  I guess that why there were so many lingering around the store in the shadows.  I didn’t even see them until I was on my way out and was almost pinned down at the hole in the side wall I used as the door. I just thought in my head, ‘Push forward and don’t get trapped.’ And that’s exactly what I did.  It wasn’t graceful, me swinging the short ax with one hand while trying to hold on to the backpack of food I had just looted with the other.  Only lost one can of beans but since I only had five of them it was a costly loss. Once I broke free of the horde that was collapsing in on me I took off running as fast as I could.  I can’t even recall the exact path I took to get back here.  Like Forest Gump, I just ran.  I have dinner for tonight while I sit in my attic hiding spot and have survived another day.

Entry #1:

There are more and more of them now.  I’m hiding out in an attic of some house that seems to be safe for now but I don’t have much food and will have to go looking again.  Not looking forward to that.  It’s a mad dash just to keep myself out of trouble and alive. Everyone I know is gone or one of them, stumbling around looking for anything to eat…like me.  I haven’t been able to see any kind of pattern to how they move or why they do what they do and go where they go. Not much insight into these…things but I’m going to try and learn as much as I can about them so I will stand a better chance. All of the questions that come along with a messed up situation like this are spinning through my mine.  ‘What happened?’ ‘How did all of this happen so fast?’ ‘What does the future hold?’

For now, I just need to survive…