Entry #1:

There are more and more of them now.  I’m hiding out in an attic of some house that seems to be safe for now but I don’t have much food and will have to go looking again.  Not looking forward to that.  It’s a mad dash just to keep myself out of trouble and alive. Everyone I know is gone or one of them, stumbling around looking for anything to eat…like me.  I haven’t been able to see any kind of pattern to how they move or why they do what they do and go where they go. Not much insight into these…things but I’m going to try and learn as much as I can about them so I will stand a better chance. All of the questions that come along with a messed up situation like this are spinning through my mine.  ‘What happened?’ ‘How did all of this happen so fast?’ ‘What does the future hold?’

For now, I just need to survive…

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