Entry #2:

Back safe at last in hiding. The house that I’m hiding out in seems to be secure around the parameter. The window that I climb through above the kitchen counter has a busted lock but I think it too high up and too…complicated for them to open, even though it just slides up to open. Today I went out to get some food, I was SO hungry.  Had some close calls but used my short ax to escape. Wouldn’t have made it out had I not been prepared. I still remember a few months ago, before all of this, being out at the bar and telling my buddies that I ordered zombie survival gear from ZombieSurvivalist.net.  “Zombies…you’re so random.” But look at me now, still alive! Not sure I can say the same for them or not.  I headed out today and was able to get into a small corner store and grab what was left of some food.  Canned green beans and some candy bars.  Not what I was hoping for but it will do.  The corner store had a dump truck sticking out the side of the brick wall leaving a gaping hole in the side.  It was easy pickings for everyone who could get there first.  I guess that why there were so many lingering around the store in the shadows.  I didn’t even see them until I was on my way out and was almost pinned down at the hole in the side wall I used as the door. I just thought in my head, ‘Push forward and don’t get trapped.’ And that’s exactly what I did.  It wasn’t graceful, me swinging the short ax with one hand while trying to hold on to the backpack of food I had just looted with the other.  Only lost one can of beans but since I only had five of them it was a costly loss. Once I broke free of the horde that was collapsing in on me I took off running as fast as I could.  I can’t even recall the exact path I took to get back here.  Like Forest Gump, I just ran.  I have dinner for tonight while I sit in my attic hiding spot and have survived another day.

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