Entry #3:

A few days have gone by now.  Beans are long gone and I’m on my last candy bar. It hasn’t been too hot outside but the smell is everywhere.  The smell of death….walking death.  With all of the zombie apocalypse movies and books you would think that more people would … Read on

Entry #2:

Back safe at last in hiding. The house that I’m hiding out in seems to be secure around the parameter. The window that I climb through above the kitchen counter has a busted lock but I think it too high up and too…complicated for them to open, even though it … Read on

Entry #1:

There are more and more of them now.  I’m hiding out in an attic of some house that seems to be safe for now but I don’t have much food and will have to go looking again.  Not looking forward to that.  It’s a mad dash just to keep myself … Read on